Anoop Bartaria

(Chairman & Managing Director)
come &
change the way
the world

The present trade scenario requires one to adapt, change and get accustomed to the fast changing processes of business. Today, India is a strategic and a key partner in Global Trade and Business.

The economy has been consistently showing positive signs for development and off-late it has become an Ideal Investment Destination and drawing a sizeable F.D.I. The stable Socio-Political Environment is a much-added advantage. Keeping the above factors in mind, it becomes all the more critical and crucial to give to our country a project like this. A foreign investor would expect such infrastructure and trade facilities to be present if one has to undertake a Global Operation.

We Help Buyers

We at the WTP felt though development is taking place but in an unorganized manner, which at the end makes the business suffer. Lack of trade knowledge also nullifies the business prospects and lack of infrastructure limits the growth opportunities. This project would primarily be focusing on the above and giving all possible services to give your Business a spring-board. We would want to give an amicable business environment, which was being badly missed at National Level and make a dream of your Business House - a Global Reality.