Roman Street

The north block business lounge is a business entry and waiting area. The walls are cladded with hi gloss 3 dimensional effective ceramic material. The light falls on this material is reflected at different angeles to create a beautiful wave effect, ceiling is done up in golden leafing, the high speed elevators with golden finish doors and detailed inlays pattern floor take you to different levels of the north block.

The reception counters, the light fixtures the furniture collectively presents a beautiful ambience to the visitors.
This capitative design of Roman street with a brilliant blend of design elements is one of the busiest shopping streets of WTP, designed to give the visitors an experience to shop in Rome. The architectural elements are placed sensitively to create a perfect ambience. The ionic columns in black granite stand on the base of the stacked disk with the fluted shaft, a pair of volutes decorates the column capital. These columns stand on the lavish, glossy Italian marble flooring with immaculate inlays and details.

This indigenous expression is well harmonized by mustard-coloured ceiling paint. The ceiling is decorated with famous paintings which survive from the Roman classical world. The marble statues stand in the street make it more likely and interactive.

Brands on Street
Let's empower the Roman women back.